I realized at a young age that I didn’t want to be tolerated. I wanted to surround myself around those that Love being in my presence. Those that share life with me because they want to build a life with me. Not those that steal the breaths from my mouth because they are hungry and needed to eat. I realized I wanted to be genuine which meant telling my truths until someone proved them to be false. It meant, hugging fewer because I wanted hugs that reciprocate the passion I put into mine. I knew, I wanted to feel life not always over thinking it but at the same time I wanted  people around me which thought life had feeling. I want  vulnerable relationships that have no limits yet are driven by great principles that connect us through a bond which is limited to Love. I don’t want hate to even have a home in relation between us. I realized young that I didn’t want to be tolerated because Love isn’t an obligation it’s a passion to merge….



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