The mind has layers which give us levels to our personalities, and with all those levels we are expected to find people that can understand and accept all we bring. A Relationship is a miracle! I am not just talking about coexisting or creating a companionship. I am talking about building a relationship where there is joy in the maintenance of relating. I mean, having another person that will truly capture your essence and you theirs. I mean, having a team that agrees to build for a lifetime and stay focused on task with a loyalty and dedication that is unmatched. I am not talking about biting your tongue not to say anything offensive. I am talking about saying everything that comes to mind and having meaningful discussions to get pass the pain and hurt of contrasting views. I am talking about always believing with great and clear communication that being on the same page is always obtainable. It will never be about accepting the wrong in someone, it’s about inspiring what’s right through a bond of freedom, openness, adjustment, and growth. Who wants to just be cool, when they can work on a friendship or partnership that gives life purpose????



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