Who else is tired of giving your all and being told you’re gullible for trusting your heart? Who else laughs when you see people protecting their heart from Love? Well, I am tired and I have laughed because I see “the gullible” being the people that believe they are living being scared of falling in the faith of Love. I laugh not because I enjoy them missing out on “a taste of heaven” but because I wish they can feel how great it feels to give your heart to someone that actually deserves it’s loyalty. I laugh because the feeling is so great it tickles my insides and I want them to understand how foolish they are to live through past pain which has nothing to do with Love but someone taking Love for granted. It’s God’s plan to teach a lesson preparing us for our destiny of a true forever. I have had the intense pain of heartbreak. I wasn’t broken from that pain because my purpose is to chase my matching heartbeat. It was to see eye to eye with someone that can lock eyes and connect with my pupils rhythm for rhythm. So they can continue to sleep and I will continue to laugh because I am wide awake….



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