Answer Me????

Betty woke up everyday wishing Tom would stop drinking and cheating. She believed she was being loyal by dedicating everything she had to allow her marriage to function. At least that is how Betty was raised. Her mother stayed, raised three children, and her father was barely present. When he was home they would argue about other women calling, him not spending enough time home, and he would threaten to leave. Her mother would turn around and beg him not to leave. Betty thought the world of her father because when he interacted with her he was such a sweet and Loving man, but that interaction would only occur sparingly. Now, Betty is nursing her own marriage, holding on to the good times. I mean, she married him for a reason. He has a great heart, wasn’t afraid to commit to her, and made her feel special before the drinking, cheating, and anger. How could she turn her back when she gave her word?



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