She smiled at me from across the room. Was she being polite or was this an invite? I smiled back hoping it was an invitation to get to know her. The meeting ended. I fumbled around with the hand outs hoping she would stop. She walked out the room, my tactic didn’t work. I finally got all my papers in order and started for the door. As I was leaving she was on her way back in. She forgot her pen at the same time I couldn’t get my papers together. I said ” Oh, did you for get something? Would you want me to help you find it”. She said, “No, it is right here but you can wait for me if you would like.” Her tactic worked a lot better then mine. When she walked out the first time, i thought I lost my chance, but when she walked back in I wasn’t going to waste a second chance. She planned it so masterfully. Or maybe she  walked out thinking she missed her chance and walked back in to get a second one. Either way, I waited at the door, holding it open the hold time, glancing over never seeing a pen on the table, but one appeared in her hand as she started toward the door. She walked out and ask me if I was coming. She caught me looking at her butt, but she acted as if she never saw it. I closed the door and we started down the hallway getting to know each other better….



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