Can you truly be comfortable in your skin if the people around you aren’t comfortable in theirs? I am a confident, strong willed, empathetic, and optimistic man. I walk through the earth with a belief that God is always on my side. I surrendered to the faith “what can’t be solved by one, can only be solved by many.” Yet, peace of mind seems to escape those around me! “Surrender” sounds too weak of a term for them to grasp. They don’t see the power in seeing beyond the word long enough to make sense out of the sentence it has been inserted in. They fail to understand a word used in at right context serves a greater purpose. Maybe, they don’t wish to serve because they are too busy connecting the word “Serve” to “Servant”. They don’t see when I say “surrender” it’s to the idea that we are greater as like minds than one mind. When I say “serve” i am saying use your strengths to build a stronger society which can start the discussion toward a stronger world. How can I truly have comfort in my skin when I know I can’t improve this land without others being comfortable in theirs….



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