Catch me if you can! Why am I chasing you again?  The success of a relationship takes us running toward one another. It also takes us running with each other. I am not the guy for you if I have to be fatigue to prove that I am worthy of you. Wouldn’t that only breed resentment? I know, your mother told you any man that really Loves you would work for your Love and your parents are still together. I bet your father has either cheated on your mother multiple times and she spend majority of her life chasing him. Or your father has never been respected by your mother and she is only still with him because she hasn’t found someone that she can respect that actually wants to marry her. Either way, that old fashion way of thinking would have history repeating itself. And Looking at the way you just frowned when I made that statement, shows me you don’t want to be your mother or marry a man like your father. So, let’s start over my name is Aziz and I will only date you if you are willing to meet me halfway in this relationship….



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