All the Love in my life wasn’t without wars. When people meet, they will start with the commonalities. They identify whether the destination is the same. Yet, they begin the realize their path to getting to that destination may be different. The war begins! The forks in the roads are created. They can choose to separate and take different paths though they want to end up in the same place. How do they stay together? They sit down at the fork and work through “the pros” and “the cons” of taking each path. While talking they start to realize that it’s becoming more important for them to travel together. So, they make a checklist. Whoever has more pros they follow that person’s path. While on that path the weather conditions start to get poor. So, they all sit and decide whether to continue or to take shelter until the weather subsides. That becomes another discussion that takes agreeing on the faith of a decision. They are all unafraid of voicing their points of view but the vision is the same. Continuing to keep their egos out of the way of reaching their overall goal of resting in the same place. They decide to be patient and wait for the weather to subside. This continues for a lifetime because of changes in the world but a Loving group would see the destination doesn’t change so they are able to remain together through everything trying to divide them. Love and togetherness is all of their destinations so they don’t stop progressing toward that destination. All the Love in my life wasn’t without wars but peace has always won….


2 thoughts on “Work Toward A Destination….

    1. Yes, yes, we must find the same path to truly walk together. We will disagree but we must always come to an agreement before we continue to walk. We must keep our eyes on the destination.


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