Great Communication doesn’t mean stopping a discussion just because you get angry and frustrated. It’s working through that frustration and anger to continue to work toward a solution. Will a couple agree on everything? No! But, they should invest the time to come to a solution that benefits both parties. We should never get tired of problem solving with the person we decided to walk through life with. The sex might start lacking, work to get it back on track. You might think someone at work or in our building is cute. Open up and have that discussion. Attraction is normal but honest Love is a rarity. You might wake up feeling unfulfilled with life. Communicate that to your partner and discuss it to you can find the root of the issue. No discussion should be off limits with the half to your whole. Build a comfortable open line of communication. Fall in Love daily by talking about the great feelings they give you as well. Send a text, pick up the phone, leave work a little early to cook dinner. Be present through the great and bad times. Through great communication Love will have life and a faith will exist between two people….Don’t hold back!!!!



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