I washed up on shore as the sun rose. I jumped into the water under a fully lit moon, hoping to forget everything. God had other plans. When I entered the water I was a heart broken fool that wanted the pain to subside so much that I was willing to not feel at all. Moments before I ended up with the water splashing against my feet, I was drowned by the Love of my life telling me we no longer had a life. My heart emptied, brain blanked, and my eyes swelled. I walked away in silence because I had no fight in me. I walked right into the sea, hoping to never resurface. But, God had other plans. I woke up to the warmth of the sun, choking from the water in my system, and my first deep breaths in what felt like days. Full of sand, I stood up, started dusting off my clothes, and started walking away from the sea. I realized what was once my end is now my beginning. The pain was still present but the gift of life reminded me I still had a shot at Joy….



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