The darkest night fell as your light skinned body rubbed against me. Sparks flew igniting a passion of a flame which couldn’t be extinguished by the wetness of your arousal. My hands felt the curves, as your nails dug deeper into my flesh. The pain of your touch heightened the pleasure of being connected by organs. Our hearts raced competing with the desire to lust. The Love between us prevented me from exploding without exploring your exploration first. The excitement slowed as I concentrated on your face, picturing our future, and realizing how fortunate I was to be inside a place I can call home. Your eyes opened widely, arms wrapped tightly around my back, face flushed with color, screaming loud enough to shock my ear drums. Your high made me high. Your low made me low. Our hearts started to slow, gaining control over our breaths. We kissed and made up….



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