A woman sits her husband down to talk. She is tired of the emotional rollcoaster. She asks him “Are you truly happy with me?” She assures him, “This isn’t a trick question, I will not get angry at your answer, I just want to be clear.” She is so calm. He looks at her with apprehension because he has never saw her this calm. He says ” To be honest sometimes I am, and other times I am not”. She inquires “What makes you unhappy about our relationship?” He says “Honestly, It’s the idea that I can do better. We don’t talk much, I am not always happy coming home, and the sex isn’t always satisfying.” She stares at him and says, “Why have you never expressed this before?” He laughs, “Do you believe you have ever been this easy to talk to before?” She takes a deep breath and says, “So you base your communication on how easy it will be, over the honesty of your convictions. I am lying next to you night after night and you are lying next to me thinking these halfway thoughts”. He puts his head down, looks back up, and says; “Yes, I thought it was normal to keep those thoughts to yourself because they are just thoughts.” She stops him and says, “Yes, they are thoughts but thoughts can rob people of their choices. What if I didnt want to be with a man that has those thoughts? What if I was considering sleeping with another man?” “Matter of fact there is a man at work I have been wondering about for the last month!” He straightens his back in his chair and redness forms in his eyes. “What did you just say?” He said with his teeth grinded and lips tight. She says, “you heard me” sitting back in her chair. She adds, “How does that make you feel?” He says, “Angry, you have been sleeping next to me thinking of another man.” Well, you have been sleeping next to me thinking about this different life. I never really thought of any other man.” His face loosens and he looks puzzled. She continues, “I just wanted you to see how I feel without me being emotionally dramatic”. She has his attention. It isn’t the thoughts, they are normal. It is the lack of communication. We should be talking about everything because everyday we fight to maintain what we built and the threat of our kingdom falling starts with us. He smiles at her and says, “Point taken”….



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