I kissed your face, feeling your smile from the dimples pressed against my lips. It makes me happy to experience your happiness. If I can enhance your life then we will dance for life. Why are so many bitter? When we can actually spend our days passionate about inspiring passion into the people we Love. Her heart rest against my ear and a deep breath isn’t enough. I forget about all the broken times of past Love and fall asleep in the moment. Why is this the dream? Why is this the feeling people believe will not last? When all of her is enough and all of me is enough for she. I don’t anticipate the pain of the rain, when the rain waters my eyes with joy most can only hope for. She is sweets in this sour existence and I will not allow anyone to throw salt in my found treasure. Yes, I am in Love. Yes, I believe it will last forever. No, no doubt is in my heart because I never offer uncertainty in my word. Two can become one. Many can become few and call ourselves family. I am faithful to my union, unity has united us, and now I place my lips on your face just to smell and taste your soul. I am full….



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