Will you ever have enough? I have given you half my life and all of my Love, yet you are still discontent. All I see is what we can build together but all you see is more. We have four children, created a house in our image, and share a faith in forever. So I thought?! Now, you are coming home later every night. You forgot to pick the children up several times in the last weeks. The new friends you have are opposite of the lifestyle we tailored for each other. Are you bored? I continue to ask questions but the answers never answer my questions. You say you are fine but just a month ago you were all mine. Who would have guessed our Love would be in doubt? Who would have thought you would go this route? Detouring off the path we set in motion as one mind and one heart. Now, the two of us are the two of us and I can’t quite understand the disconnect. I am not ready to let go but if you must go let me know because I am dedicated to what we have built together….



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