Every king needs a partner to rule by his side, great advisors, and loyal surroundings. He needs to understand that ruling isn’t about power but about fair regulations which govern the land. Being king takes open ears, transparent intentions, and principles that punish when crossed but elavate when followed. Being “a king” is about growing the people in your kingdom, assuring they understand Love and happiness is your reason  for sitting on the throne….



2 thoughts on “Being A King….

  1. You’re right being a true leader a king you need to make sure that those around you are loyal and understand what’s your overall purposes and that has King you will always reign with logic truth understanding and righteousness.


    1. A king must see further and hear clearer than anyone around him. He must understand the needs over the wants because they could be sold as the same thing. So you are right, purpose comes first and everyone must accept that or be at a distance.


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