She walks over to me, eyes drowned in tears. She couldn’t speak, so it would take a while before I understood what caused her this much pain. I opened my arms and hugged her until she was able to speak. Her comfort was the only thing in my heart. I pulled her away from my chest, looked her in the eyes, as I wiped her tears. I asked, “what happened”? She said “I am so sorry”. “For what”, I said. She went on to express how she cheated on me the night before. My eye sight begins to blur and I am speechless. I have just hugged a enemy of my heart. I used my Love to heal someone that just wounded me. I asked her to repeat what she said. She repeats “Last night I cheated on you”. I looked at her and said, “You knew this and allowed me to hug you”! She drops her head and says “Because I needed a hug”. At that moment I knew she will always put her wants above my needs. I turned and walked away. My voice was hoarse and heart lost it’s beat….



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