God’s Sense of Humor

God has a sense of humor! The pleasure of creating a life, doesn’t always measure the pain of bringing that life into this world. I mean, people talk about the greatest trick the devil has ever pulled, is convincing the world he doesn’t exist. Yet, God’s trick to reproduction is a great pleasure before watching our women go through the worse pain imaginable. And us men are just bystanders. We kissed their lips, danced in between their legs, and came together. Just to be yelled at, pushed away, and made to feel like we are being torn apart. But, when that head emerges and the life we created is rested between us; we contemplate doing it all again. At that moment, all we can do is thank God for all the pain because the joy can’t be measured.


I Am At Peace….

I smile to breathe knowing death can steal my will to live. I open my eyes realizing for years of my life I was sleep. I put my hands on humans until they were family, blood surfacing from their skin, believing we were related. Now, my heart pumps true Love only keeping those close that don’t use my rage to measure my commitment. I walk the streets, a basketball limping man, fatigued from all the missed shots taken at me. I am ready to crossover. My salvation wasn’t religion, it was surrendering to God. Having faith that my might won’t come from the fight but the peace of knowing I found the perfect pieces….


Passing Interest….

We approach opposite sides of the corner at the same time. Both looking at our phones waiting for the light to change, so we can alternate sides of the sidewalk. The light changes, we raise our heads, and our eyes meet. We both look away, killing the perception of being over zealous. Yet, we both feel the other isn’t interested because we didnt allow our eyes to stay connected long enough to solidify that interest. As we pass, I look back, our eyes meet again. The mutual interest was there but we decided to settle for “until we meet again”….

Authored By Aziz Brown



Fellas, showing a woman you are dedicated to Loving her, isn’t a weakness. Yes, she may take it as a weakness but at least you know that isn’t the woman for you. Hold her, pick one of her shows to watch with her, and sit and talk to her every night about the relationship you bought into. Being a “MAN” isn’t about making money, knocking people out, or breeding in every woman just because you can; Being a “MAN” is about being present by filling in the blanks where she is empty, promoting her where she is full, and devoting to any agreements you committed to. Fellas, if you choose to walk around guarded all day, you have to feel safe somewhere. She should be the place you can be vulnerable…. Authored By Aziz Brown

I Am Home….

I Am Home….

My life showed in your pupils. I stared and lost focus of my footsteps. No worries, you guided me back to my path and I walk blindly knowing you will see for me. Our Love grew to a place we just need to maintain. I am home. I am resting in front of a fireplace of our flame. A comfort that allows me to close my eyes, certain I will wake up to a forever that will never betray me. I see my life in your pupils because you are my life…. Author by Aziz Brown