Dear Aziz Love Shabazz Brown,
This isn’t the greatest world I gifted you because the reality is, there will be evil people you will encounter. My job is to assure you do not become one of them. Matter of fact, MY PURPOSE is to assure that you give to this world far more than you take from it. That will start with SELF-CONFIDENCE. You will leave our home understanding your value and you will return daily with that same worth. Listen to me, I have built myself to be the type of man you can look up to and I will not stop building you until we are seeing EYE to EYE. I have no plans for your career, partnership, or dreams; but I will instill of FOUNDATION that will allow to KNOW you are capable of anything you wish to accomplish. LOVE will pump through your veins! I will hug and kiss you because affection is a MUST. I will DISCIPLINE you because wrong will need to be corrected to right. I will CHALLENGE you because I will be damned if you aren’t prepared when life does. But most of all, I will have FAITH in you because limiting you isn’t an option. Aziz Love Shabazz Brown you will be provided a VillAGE, so what I can’t someone else can. I look forward to our journey TOGETHER….

I LOVE YOU from your DADDY


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