I whispered in your ear “I Love you”, your cheek was pressed up against my face. The smell of your happiness, aroused me. My heart beat started the drum, my pores started to water, and I couldnt help but to wrap my arms around your lower back and pull you in closer. You are my life. You enhance my passion to live. I breathe a little deeper, due to smile. Your body heat warmed my soul, not because I am was horny, but because you are home. I pushed you away from me to see you eye to eye. I want you to know a part of my faith is to stay faithful to us. You started to cry, I placed four fingers against your temples, as my thumbs wiped your tears. I leaned in, to suck the tears I missed off you lips. You kissed me passioniately and I returned the passion by wrapping my lips around yours. The moment was perfected in joy. Love wasn’t made, it was explored….

I Love You Aziz


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