How do Men move in the “Me Too Movement”?

The “Me Too” movement is much needed, but it should come with instructions on how to approach a woman. I am afraid to flirt, knowing that it could cost me my job, my integrity, and a chance at a longterm relationship. Should men now wait for women to approach them? When a man crosses the line, he should be called out. I support “rats” being exposed and shining a light on inequality. I just want some rules and regulations. When is it okay to express your interest?
I was sitting in a sexual harassment training and the lawyer stated that paying a compliment could be sexual harassment. She said, “That goes for men and women”, but it doesn’t apply to women. Women have given me unwanted attention. I expressed that it was unwanted and they started being nasty. A few of them told people, I was coming on to them. My mother told me women hate to be rejected. If this is known, why aren’t more men exposing women. Would people believe them? Is that the same fear women have as well? I have always wondered why oppressed groups don’t just fight for inequality across the board. Yes, the focus should be narrowed to make an impact, but if the oppressed stopped oppressing, the fight for inequality would make an impression. A man can dream! But, back on topic. “Me Too”, is highlighting an issue and that it should. I need to know, how can men correct the issue without losing the option of making their interest known….


God’s Sense of Humor

God has a sense of humor! The pleasure of creating a life, doesn’t always measure the pain of bringing that life into this world. I mean, people talk about the greatest trick the devil has ever pulled, is convincing the world he doesn’t exist. Yet, God’s trick to reproduction is a great pleasure before watching our women go through the worse pain imaginable. And us men are just bystanders. We kissed their lips, danced in between their legs, and came together. Just to be yelled at, pushed away, and made to feel like we are being torn apart. But, when that head emerges and the life we created is rested between us; we contemplate doing it all again. At that moment, all we can do is thank God for all the pain because the joy can’t be measured.